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Helper To Hero

This is Helper To Hero, a comic about Kirby Super Star Ultra.
This comic gets updated whenever I want.
And I'm not accepting any new authors. One co-author and myself is enough to run this.
All sprites are from the Spriters Resource. Kirby and related characters are owned by Nintendo.

Here are some quick facts for y'all.

Shade's facts:

  • I make this all in paint. Though I don't think my partner BeamKirby42 does.
  • I get half of the inspiration for comics from browsing through the sprite sheets down at The Spriters Resource and checking which boss/helper/whatever I haven't done a comic on.
  • The panel size I use is 240X160, which is actually the screen size of a Game Boy Advance (I think).
  • I'm jealous that BK made more dot points than me at once D-:<
  • I continuously play time trial on gourmet race. Can you beat my time (overall) of 1:35.33?
  • Jet, wing and ninja are awesome.
  • I got most inspiration from Bob and George and Neglected Mario Characters, both which you should check out if you haven't yet.
  • I like spriting, though I can't do any long term stuff due to laziness.
  • I hate the combo cannon due to an impossibility of killing it with a short ranged ability.
  • I sometimes try to play spring breeze/whatever WITHOUT killing any enemies.
  • I've once beaten the arena with wing. Also finished it once ability-less.
  • Love shy guys or die.

  • BeamKirby42's Facts:

  • Well, I do most of my work in Macromedia Fireworks (Adobe Fireworks suxorz), but more detailed work goes to Paint.Net.
  • I am often commented on as thinking way too much about trivial things, so I have plenty of answers for the tiny little mysteries of Popstar.
  • I get my sprites from spriters resource, and you should, too.
  • My favorite creatures are Waddle Dee/Doo, Sir Kibble, the thingie that gives needle, and Chilly.
  • I loathe True Arena for being so hard.
  • I loathe Arena for being too long.
  • I tend to write a lot about myself.
  • I tend to type so fast that I don't even finish my
  • I tend to write a lot about my tendencies.
  • I lovezorz Waddle Dee.

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